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Zag Sports Announces Production Division

DocumenTOURies tm : Stories from Zag's -Travel. Play. Give Back.-International Experiences. 

Zag Sports, the leader in international sports tours, has partnered with various film suppliers around the world to create a new film production division, Zag Sports Productions.   For select teams and  repeat tour participants we may offer this opportunity as a function of your tour package at no cost to you while we refine our processes and production quality.  DocumenTOURies tm are created as pure documentaries of Zag's Travel. Play. Give Back international experiences. All rights of the production, unless otherwise noted, are held by the team or school.  The only mention of Zag Sports will be in film credits as the production company. Traveling or thinking of with Zag and interested in sharing your team's experience with the world? Contact us today!

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